A Special You

“I have a Friend whose Friendship I wouldn’t swap for the favour of Kings”

The Contagion

Tears  flowing down my face; Lungs bursting with pain; Tummy aching;

Knees falling to the ground; Rolling on the floor;

Gradually sitting up, folding up legs, pondered gently


What’s this strange infection contracted?

One that is far contagious than any cough or sneeze.

To acquire this ailment,

Open up your mind and heart, Feel the flow of this disease entering your body and mind

Curve up your lips; Smile; Go further, open your mouth and let out that resounding noise which is so contagious to heal you of all WORRIES.laughing-men

Laugh out loud


Stay Beautiful


Sincerely You


There comes a time you feel Lost and Lonely ;


all alone
Looking Around, you search for Something Steadfast, Something Warm, Something Beautiful to hold on to


You need something which doesn’t fade with Time or Reason; A partner in the race


Someone to hold you up when you stumble


Something worthwhile rusting the dirt off for; Looking round,you fall on your lover or family or a friend


Seeking to feel that the race is worthwhile; the sweet warmth of an embrace; A kind word; The reassuring smile


Bang! it hits


Due to a change in scene and reason, friends become enemies, families split, divorces erupt.


Where do you go now?
Back into the side tracks?
Ponder on what made you so lonely, miserable and lost on the tracks


Look deep in and rediscover yourself on the mark……


There’s still a race to finish


Don’t run off the track; Finish the race


It will pay off
No matter how hard it may seem
The finish line is closer than you started
You might break a world record


With a GOLD 






Stay Beautiful